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How to Remove or Recover Microsoft Word 2010 Password

I have used Microsoft Word 2003 for three years, during these three years I have never upgraded my Word version before. Sometimes my friends asked me why not update the version to Word 2010; I just say to them to forgive me that I was a little lazy. But recently I know the inconvenience of the reading of Microsoft Word between the lower version and the higher version at last.

My friend Alice used Microsoft Word 2010 version while mine was Word 2003, when she transferred her Word document to me I always hardly to open it because of my lower version. I was confused this for a long time and I did not know how to upgrade the version. Finally with the help of Alice, my version is Microsoft Word 2010 now and I like the beautiful interface and the function of diversification! I should have changed my version to Word 2010!


Three weeks later another problem came to me, I create a password to password protect Word 2010 document which I have never backup it. To my surprise I can’t remember the password any more. How did it happen to me? Was I old? Did I have bad memory? I can’t believe it! I thought and thought what the password was but nothing helps. I was too nervous to sleep. I called Alice to come to my home to help me with this terrible situation. Otherwise I might have insomnia.

Ten minutes later she arrived and comforted me, tell me to calm down and she would stand by me and find out the solution to remove password Word 2010 document. She searched online and find out the methods as below:

Approach One: Remove Word 2010 Password When You Remember It

Step 1: Click your Microsoft Word 2010 document and type your password to open it.

Step 2: Click the Microsoft Office icon on the top left side of your Word document and now navigate to “File” tab > “Info” > “Permissions” > “Encrypt with Password”


Step 3: Now your document is not password protected anymore, Press “Ctrl + S” or the Safe button to save your document.

Approach Two: Recover Word 2010 Password When You Forgot It

What if you forgot your Microsoft Word 2010 password and you would like to recover it? You can utilize the SmartKey Word Password Recovery 5.0 to recover your lost Word 2010 password. It is an excellent Word password recovery tool to recover any versions (from Word 97-2013) of Microsoft Word.

So suppose that your Microsoft Office Word version is not Word 2010 but 2007 and you lost password for Word 2007 by chance. You have no other ways to find out you lost password. You are looking for any possible measure to recover Word 2007 password easily and quickly. Don’t worry about that, you can use this Word password recovery tool right now!

Here is how to use it to recover Word 2010 password:

Step 1: Download it from and install it into your computer.

Step 2: Double click its icon on your computer desktop after installing and then click “Open” to choose your locked Word 2010 document.

Step 3: You will see two recovery modes, one is “100% instant document decryption” and the other is “Recover the password”. Choose the recovery mode-“Recover the password” and then click “Next”.

Step 4: You will see three attack types, which is Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. Choose one of the password attack type and click Start.

Step 5: One minute later you will see what your Word 2010 password is, which is showed in a “File Opening Password” pop-up window.

Thank goodness! It is so informative and I will try the method 2 later!

How to Unlock Windows 7 Password

Help me please! I just lost my laptop Windows 7 password! How did I lose it? I did not know. I had no idea. I was in a mess in my brain. I am stupid I know. I have used my laptop for two years. I love it so much that I have never allowed other persons to touch my computer. However, the unhappy things happened when I had a trip to Canada. You know taking a laptop closely is not so convenient to the trip. So I left it at home and locked it in the cupboard.

However, when I came back and prepared to write a diary for my trip, I could not remember my laptop password anymore! I was so worrying and I could not sleep in the evening. I blame for myself why I forgot my Windows 7 password and in that case how could I unlock Windows 7 password quickly so that my life would be in order.


It was my fault to lose Windows 7 password. I knew I must spare no effort to solve this big problem. I called one of my friends who is good at computers, hoping to gain some good ideas. To my surprise, he asked me to ask other person because he could only repair computer hardware problems instead of this. I really wanted to know what did that guy learned in the university!

At last I had to ask for Google. You know Google knows everything! Last week I asked it for the travel tips in Canada. It showed me a really detailed introduction. Now I thank it very much and I believed in it very much, more than my friends! Oh that is just a joking!

I Google searched the information about how to unlock Windows 7 password and it showed me many pages, nearly ten pages and when I clicked the page ten it is even more pages. Oh that is so much! I tried to see the first page and thought that maybe there is an effective method.

I found a forum post wrote to unlock Windows 7 password with SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Professional. I thought, what is SmartKey Windows Password Recovery? Is it a program? With the doubt I searched Google about SmartKey Windows Password Recovery again.

It turned out to be Windows password recovery software. According to the introduction, SmartKey Windows Password recovery is an excellent Windows password recovery tool can it have recovered a lot of Windows password since 2005. Is this tool support for Win 7? The answer is for sure. SmartKey Windows Password Recovery supports only Windows 7 password recovery but also Windows 8 password recovery, Windows XP password recovery and Windows Vista or Server password recovery. All in all, it supports many Microsoft Windows versions.

What’s more, it is safe and I wasn’t worried about losing any data. I thought I would rather use it to unlock my laptop password than re-installing my system. So nice! I would like to have a try. Several minutes later my password was unlocked and I could update my blog again. So many thanks to it!

You can download it from