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Excel Password Recovery – When You Forgot Excel Password How to Deal With?

excel32342Do you install Microsoft Excel to your computer? I believe ninety-nine percent of the computers answer yes. To be honest, in the digital life, we must use the electronic document to make our data clearly and display all of them in order. Surely, the sheet will let us find out the data what we want to see in a glance. This advantage reduces more time in our life so that everybody chooses it than the paper. What’s more, it is more environmental than using the plain paper.

However, the important information that recorded in the Excel document is easy to be stolen. In the information-based community, it is easy for some hackers to copy the restored data of your Excel document, so the Microsoft Excel has the function of creating a password by yourself. That is safe for all of us, and especially for some companies. With a password protected Excel document, other lawbreakers have no way to see your secrets readily. That is really a good helper!

Nevertheless, to set a password is easy, to remember it is not so simple. If you create the password like 123, then it is no difficulty to open it, but if not, you are more likely to lose it. So far, in our busy life we have to deal with more and more problems, we have to take care of our parents, work hard and make more money to raise our children. We have much more things to do every day, it is normal to lose or forget a password.


Therefore, I have to ask, when we forgot Excel password, how to unlock it? That is a question. Not many persons know it. But here I found out one of a method to help you. That is SmartKey Excel Password Recovery.

SmartKey Excel Password Recovery is a useful Excel password cracker. It supports almost all the versions of Microsoft Excel, from 97-2013. It is simple to use for anyone and it has three password attack modes, Brute-force Attack,Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. It can quickly remove your lost password of 93-2003 and recover or find out the encrypted Excel file password of 2003-2013.

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