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Windows 8 Password Recovery – Top 5 Ways to Recover Windows 8 Password

Why we need to recover Windows 8 password?

The Windows 8 users may need to create a login password for them in order to prevent other persons opening their Windows 8 computer without their permission. It is quite a good way to protect their personal computer; however, sometimes it is the password that makes them crazy. When they lost Windows 8 password by accident, they have to find out ways to recover it. Therefore, that is why we need to recover Windows 8 password.


recover Windows 8 password

How to recover Windows 8 password when you lost it?

Windows 8 users who have created a login password and then forgot it carelessly may have the doubts that how to recover Windows 8 password when they lost or forgot it. Even for the persons who had never lost password Windows 8, to know a tip about Windows 8 password recovery ( is really a useful and helpful thing.

Do you know how to recover or reset Windows 8 password when you lost it? As a matter of fact, you have a lot of workable methods to do that. Just take some time to see how to recover password in Windows 8 when you lost it as below

Method 1: Crack Windows 8 password with Windows 8 password hint

When you start your Windows 8 to the login screen, you can see there is a password hint behind the password textbox. That password hint is able to help you remind what your password is and that has been created once you created your Windows 8 login account.

No matter your account is the administrator account or the guest account, you can always do that. Therefore, when you forgot Windows 8 password unexpectedly, you can try to remind the password with the Windows 8 password hint.

Method 2: Reset Windows 8 password with Windows 8 password reset disk

The second way is to take advantage of the Windows 8 password reset disc to reset lost Windows 8 password easily. In this way you had better build a Windows 8 password reset disk when you are able to open your personal computer. This Windows 8 password reset disc is sometimes a CD/DVD. You can use it to change Windows 8 password when you lost it.

Therefore you don’t have to be nervous whenever you lost password for Windows 8, just take out the Windows 8 password reset disc and then use it to reset Windows 8 password of your account instantly.

Method 3: Change Windows 8 password with admin privilege

In this way you can reset Windows 8 password with the administrator account or other account that has the admin privilege if the lost password account is not the admin account.

Just login the personal computer with the admin account or the account that has the admin privilege and then click the computer icon to enter the computer management careen. Then click the local users with your mouse. Then the accounts will show and just double click the account that you lost Windows 8 password and then reset it successfully.

Method 4: Recover Windows 8 password with Ophcrack

You can also use the Ophcrack to recover Windows 8 password smoothly when you have forgotten password Windows 8 and have no ideas about how to recover it. Ophcrack is an open source Windows password recovery tool. This free tool provide you an easy way to password recovery Windows 8 but sometimes it does not work because it supports only several characters to recover administrator password Windows 8.

Therefore, if your Windows 8 password is too long, it is not easy to use the Ophcrack to crack Windows 8 password successfully and you have to wait for quite a long time. But for some users that the lost password is simple, it is fast to recover Windows 8 password successfully.

Method 5: Remove Windows 8 password with 3-rd party software

The last but not least solution is to utilize the third party software to remove Windows 8 password forever. If you can’t remember the Windows 8 login password or you feel troublesome to type the Windows 8 login password frequently, you can choose to remove it forever.

Or in other words, you would like to get rid of Windows 8 password for the time being in order to login the pc successfully, then when you need a password to protect your personal computer, you can create the password the next time.

But what the better Windows 8 password remove tool is? I think the SmartKey Windows Password Recovery ( is one of the best. It is not only a Windows 8 password removal, but also useful and helpful Windows password recovery software.

Forgot Windows 7 Password – How to Recover Forgotten Password on Windows 7

Windows 7 password is usually to protect your personal privacy. You can use the Windows 7 login password to login your account and then to do anything you can. What’s more, you can’t create only one account for your Windows 7 computer. You can also create other accounts for other users. This is because sometimes there is not only one user on using a computer, but some users hope to set permissions. However, sometimes Windows 7 password maybe your obstacle once you forgot Windows 7 password by accident. If that happens, you really need to find out Windows 7 password recovery solutions.


forgot Windows 7 password

Different Windows 7 users have different manner to deal with their Windows 7 password forgot problems. As far as I am concerned, this could be divided into 3 age groups.

1. If you are a teenager and you have forgotten password Windows 7 because you have been studied abroad for a year, after you go back home, you find that you can’t remember the Windows 7 login password. Therefore, you have to borrow another computer from your parent to search any solutions.

2. If you are a middle-aged man and also a manager in your computer. You have forgotten passwords Windows 7 ( because you are so busy every day. You have to remember a lot of passwords, until one day, you find that you mix up all the passwords and you have tried the password for 5 times and none of them help. You have to ask your colleague for help.

3. If you are an old woman and you just learn how to use a Windows 7 laptop. But you have a bad memory. You have forgotten Windows 7 password for 12 hours, but during this time you really can’t find out any clue about the password. So you have to wait for somebody to do you a favor.

From this, no matter what user you are, you always have to know how to recover forgotten password Windows 7. It can be collected from yourself or other persons. Generally speaking, you have several methods to use. The safe mode, the Windows password reset disk, the CMD prompt and also the third party program. But the most useful way, I think it is the last one. Here I list a practical third party tool – SmartKey Windows Password Recovery 6.0.

How to use this SmartKey Windows Password Recovery 6.0? You can see them as below:

Step 1: Download and install it to another computer. You can download it to any available computer, Windows or Mac is ok, but to install it, you have to in the Windows-based machine.

Step 2: Burn it to become a Windows password reset disk with a USB or CD or DVD.

Step 3: Use the flash drive to your locked computer and then enter BIOS setting, restart your computer and then follow the instruction to finish the recovery.

For more details about Windows 7 password recovery software you can check out this page

Windows Password Recovery – How to Recover Password on Windows 8/7/XP/Vista

In this password-based society, most of the PC users are used to create a login password on their computers. Perhaps they think it is safe for their personal computer, perhaps they just see other users has passwords so they want to create a password as well, perhaps they just have habits like that. Anyway, people who create passwords on their PC are diverse. But there is a problem, once they lost the login password, how to login their PC again? In this article I will mainly talks about how to recover password on Windows OS based PC and you will find out your Windows password recovery ( answers.


Windows password recovery

Let me think about that. You lost Windows password and need to find out a solution to recover Windows password quickly. However, most of the users would like to find out the password instead of concerning unlock the password firstly. That is to say, some Windows PC users want to find out their lost Windows password. But to their disappointment, there is no way to find out the lost Windows password so far unless the user reminds the password again. Therefore, give up the thought to find out the Windows login password when you can’t remember it is the sensible choice to you.

However, there are still free or non-free methods about how to recover Windows password ( you can find out in the Internet. Those methods are either helpful or helpless, as a matter of fact, it all depends your computer configuration and also what Windows OS in it. For Windows 7 and XP, you can use the password hint, the safe mode, the admin privilege and also the Windows password reset disk, for Windows 8, you can even use the picture password to login to the account.

But someone must have doubts that, if there is a method that is suitable for all the Windows OS based computer password recovery, then it will be so grateful! So, do you believe that it does! Yes, it is the third party software. Nowadays, nearly all the password recovery tool supports all the Windows password recovery methods. And most of the famous tools are the two as below:

Method One: Recover Windows password with Ophcrack

This is a free software to recover Windows password on Windows operating system, you can use and it is also the most famous freeware in the password recovery world. However, it has restriction in the password recovery process. It only recovers your Windows password successfully only if the password is less than three characters. Otherwise, it can’t do anything.


Method Two: Unlock Windows password with SmartKey Windows Password Recovery

This is software to unlock Windows password and it also supports all Windows OS. It is small size and easy to use. It is more helpful and powerful then the above software. It does well in Windows Vista password reset, Windows XP password unlock and also the Windows 7 password recovery and Windows 8 password recovery. It is able to reset, remove Windows password or create another account for you.

It has three versions for you so you can have a  better option on it according to your requirement. What’s more, there is no limitation in the password length. You can CLICK HERE to download SmartKey Windows Password Recovery software.


These are the description of the representative tools, so once you forgot or lost Windows password, you might as well try to use them. In my personal experience, the latter is better but anyway, you are the person who has to make a decision. Good luck.

Crack Windows 7 Password – How to Crack Password on Win 7 Successfully

Part 1: Why We Need to Crack Windows 7 Password?

Sometimes you may trouble in your Windows login password issue. You have a personal computer, maybe run in Windows 7.You love it very much although it is not the popular Mac system. You do not admire other people’s newly iPad, iPhone or iPod. In your eyes, having a not-so-bad computer and searching online is enough.

However, you suddenly find that you lost your Windows 7 password unexpectedly. That will disturb your normal life. You hope to crack Windows 7 password (LEARN MORE) as soon as possible so that you can access your computer and do some shopping online.


crack Windows 7 password

Part 2: What is the benefit of cracking Windows 7 password?

Once you crack Windows 7 admin password or other account passwords of your PC, you are able to login to your laptop or desktop successfully. Then you can do anything with your machine. No worrying you will lose the password next time. You can watch a movie, listen to the music, open your Facebook or Twitter or Gmail, open an Office Excel or Word document, play games with other persons or have a talk with your friends with MSN.

Part 3: How to Crack Windows 7 Password?

Believe it or not, to crack Windows 7 password is not a difficult thing for the person who forgot Windows 7 password ( by accident.

Since a lot of password recovery tools online and most of them are not so bad, you have to make the right choice in using them. Take SmartKey Windows Password Recovery ( as an example. There are three steps to use.

Step 1: Download and install, run the program on an unlocked computer.

Step 2: Burn a bootable CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive with the program.

Step 3: Crack Windows 7 password by the burned CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive.

Of course it is not the only method to crack Windows 7 password. The safe mode and the Windows password reset disk could be other alternatives as well.


Part 4: Video Guide about Windows 7 Password Crack



Part 5: More Articles about Windows 7 Password Crack

How to Unlock Windows 7 Password

Help me please! I just lost my laptop Windows 7 password! How did I lose it? I did not know. I had no idea. I was in a mess in my brain. I am stupid I know. I have used my laptop for two years. I love it so much that I have never allowed other persons to touch my computer. However, the unhappy things happened when I had a trip to Canada. You know taking a laptop closely is not so convenient to the trip. So I left it at home and locked it in the cupboard.

However, when I came back and prepared to write a diary for my trip, I could not remember my laptop password anymore! I was so worrying and I could not sleep in the evening. I blame for myself why I forgot my Windows 7 password and in that case how could I unlock Windows 7 password quickly so that my life would be in order.


It was my fault to lose Windows 7 password. I knew I must spare no effort to solve this big problem. I called one of my friends who is good at computers, hoping to gain some good ideas. To my surprise, he asked me to ask other person because he could only repair computer hardware problems instead of this. I really wanted to know what did that guy learned in the university!

At last I had to ask for Google. You know Google knows everything! Last week I asked it for the travel tips in Canada. It showed me a really detailed introduction. Now I thank it very much and I believed in it very much, more than my friends! Oh that is just a joking!

I Google searched the information about how to unlock Windows 7 password and it showed me many pages, nearly ten pages and when I clicked the page ten it is even more pages. Oh that is so much! I tried to see the first page and thought that maybe there is an effective method.

I found a forum post wrote to unlock Windows 7 password with SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Professional. I thought, what is SmartKey Windows Password Recovery? Is it a program? With the doubt I searched Google about SmartKey Windows Password Recovery again.

It turned out to be Windows password recovery software. According to the introduction, SmartKey Windows Password recovery is an excellent Windows password recovery tool can it have recovered a lot of Windows password since 2005. Is this tool support for Win 7? The answer is for sure. SmartKey Windows Password Recovery supports only Windows 7 password recovery but also Windows 8 password recovery, Windows XP password recovery and Windows Vista or Server password recovery. All in all, it supports many Microsoft Windows versions.

What’s more, it is safe and I wasn’t worried about losing any data. I thought I would rather use it to unlock my laptop password than re-installing my system. So nice! I would like to have a try. Several minutes later my password was unlocked and I could update my blog again. So many thanks to it!

You can download it from