Crack Windows 7 Password – How to Crack Password on Win 7 Successfully

Part 1: Why We Need to Crack Windows 7 Password?

Sometimes you may trouble in your Windows login password issue. You have a personal computer, maybe run in Windows 7.You love it very much although it is not the popular Mac system. You do not admire other people’s newly iPad, iPhone or iPod. In your eyes, having a not-so-bad computer and searching online is enough.

However, you suddenly find that you lost your Windows 7 password unexpectedly. That will disturb your normal life. You hope to crack Windows 7 password (LEARN MORE) as soon as possible so that you can access your computer and do some shopping online.


crack Windows 7 password

Part 2: What is the benefit of cracking Windows 7 password?

Once you crack Windows 7 admin password or other account passwords of your PC, you are able to login to your laptop or desktop successfully. Then you can do anything with your machine. No worrying you will lose the password next time. You can watch a movie, listen to the music, open your Facebook or Twitter or Gmail, open an Office Excel or Word document, play games with other persons or have a talk with your friends with MSN.

Part 3: How to Crack Windows 7 Password?

Believe it or not, to crack Windows 7 password is not a difficult thing for the person who forgot Windows 7 password ( by accident.

Since a lot of password recovery tools online and most of them are not so bad, you have to make the right choice in using them. Take SmartKey Windows Password Recovery ( as an example. There are three steps to use.

Step 1: Download and install, run the program on an unlocked computer.

Step 2: Burn a bootable CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive with the program.

Step 3: Crack Windows 7 password by the burned CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive.

Of course it is not the only method to crack Windows 7 password. The safe mode and the Windows password reset disk could be other alternatives as well.


Part 4: Video Guide about Windows 7 Password Crack



Part 5: More Articles about Windows 7 Password Crack

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