Forgot Word 2013 Open Password, How to Recover it?

If you have used the latest Microsoft Office 2013, then you might have seen the Word 2013. As the most convenient Word version of Microsoft Office, the Word 2013 seems to be used in widely used during the Windows users. And as like the other edition of Word, the Microsoft also allows their users to create a password to encrypt their document. That is a great function and some of the users love to use it. However, once they forgot Word 2013 open password by accident, it will be so troublesome. Therefore, how can you recover the forgotten password in Microsoft Office Word 2013? Here in this article, you will find out the best solution.

Is there any free way to unlock Word 2013 password?

Among the methods offered in the Internet, many people talks about how to deal with the problem of losing or forgetting Word 2013 open password, but except to remind the password on their own, they have no other ways to do it freely. Consequently, you unless the password is founded, you must make use of the third-party software to decrypt your locked Word 2013 document.

Which is the better software to recover Word 2013 password?

Among the recovery application in the world, we can’t make sure which the best one is because different users have different user experience. What’s more, we have no time to free trial every Word password recovery tool that is designed by so many companies. Thus, all we have to do is to attempt some of the famous password recovery programs at first. And here in my eyes, the SmartKey Word Password Recovery is the better software, at least I think.

How to recover forgotten Word 2013 password via software

Then at this time, we have to know that how to use this excellent password recovery tool to restore Word 2013 password that is forgotten. Now you can see it as below:
Step 1: Connect your Internet, download, install and launch this smart Word password key ( to your Windows-based computer. You need to wait for several seconds if your network is fine.
Step 2: Search and import your locked Word 2013 document to this software by clicking the Open button. Then you can choose the actions: Recover the password. Click the Next button on the bottom of the user interface.
Step 3: Another choice is coming! Select one of the three password attack types, from Brute-Force, Brute-Force with Mask and Dictionary. At last, click the Start button and the program will figure out the password of Word 2013 for you.


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