Make Invoicing Interesting with HTML Invoice Template

invoice-formatIt is the end of an almost perfect day, and you have just finished your exciting project as well as time to bill your client. Therefore, you end up pulling your HTML invoice template, and your good moods are instantly gone.

It is so annoying! Why can’t the company’s invoice reflect their branding as well as express their thanks to the consumers for their organization?

Just because an invoice is an entity’s document does not mean that it needs to be boring. Invoices are often the last contact with the clients; therefore, why not leave them with lasting impressions.

Done properly, the company’s invoice may be an active portion of the company’s marketing strategy. The biggest problem with invoicing is that several tools are available that tend to make it difficult for businesses to customize the bills.

Numerous invoice templates are available; however, they do not always work for every individual. Luckily, I accidentally stumbled upon a HTML invoice template that worked well for me. It had excellent UI as well as customized options making it easy for me to generate my perfect invoice in minutes.

The free HTML invoice template make invoicing error-free since there is no need to worry about calculation mistakes. As such, most activities involved did not require the manual set-up of dates and terms, as well as the broken layouts and messed up margins.


Inspiration from the handwork behind this template, I believe I can envision what anyone should seek out in an invoice

Here are some tips how to make your HTML invoice template look professional

1. Clean colors and sharp shapes

Having well-designed invoices pays off. Therefore, the list kicks off with beautiful, simple as well as professional designs. Thus, an invoice needs to be sleek.

To achieve this, you can use super simple layouts, with muted, calming blocks of color as well as scaled-up types to draw concentration to specific points of the design.

Hence, this involves the title, as well as the nitty gritty numbers or information, as well as the final thanks.

2. Stamps of approval

An invoice needs to be elegant, simple as well as sharp. As such, there should be a heavy focus on the sharp lines.

A neat alignment as well as rich blacks of the tables as well as sections that are interrupted a bright ‘stamp’ graphic.

Hence, this little addition aids in customizing the designs as well as breaking up the sharp professionalism with simple personal touches.

3. Make it bold

Ask yourself whether your company’s brand is friendly as well as bright. If so, it is important to try and introduce as well as involve this given aspect of friendliness in addition to confidence within your company’s invoice designs.

For instance, an invoice done by BGG Design studios tends to greet its viewers or clients with a huge, as well as confident ‘hello’ in addition to directing them through the invoice right until at the very end written ‘thank you.’

Additionally, the bold technique like the one mentioned above is not universal as well as would not work for any given brand. H

owever, if the design looks like something that can be suiting to your company’s brand, then you can simply play around with the scaling, colouring, as well as the font weights that will engage all the right kinds of consideration.

4. Sophisticated, classy, as well as detailed

Luxurious designs have to be minimal. This has been dispelled by the recent design of Cameron McEfee. For instance, the given design ultimately screams the classiness as well as the elegance.

However, it also portrays its functionality with all of its information that it has managed to pack.

Subsequently, the design also involves a given logo, contact details or data, the billing addresses, high-capacity invoices information tables, as well as small terms plus conditions in addition to even smaller calendars at the very bottom.

Thus, all of these given elements appear to be wrapped up within a complex, trustworthy as well as beautiful designs that perfectly blends the form as well as its function.


5. Origami-inspired packaging

For brands that tend to be avant-garde for the run-of-the-mill envelopes, they should consider mixing up their packaging as well as their invoice presentation.

Hence, this aids you in portraying a unique flair as well as a good first impression. You can fold your invoice in sharp, angular way that can reflect the lines, shapes, as well as rhythms in addition to light that creates a poetic, Nordic modernism.

6. Explore the concepts of Minimalism

Passed are the times where every last inch of the page ought to be filled with sophisticated watermarks, graphics as well as excessive typing. As an alternative, you should consider embracing minimal movements as well as stripping the design back and allowing little white spaces into the life of your invoice and see what it can achieve for your brand.

For instance, the invoice design by Gaby Bonilla-Escala that uses little typing, wide margins in addition to bare necessities of data or information/type. As such, the result is a to-the-point, as well as clean, complicated and a timeless invoice.

7. Line up

Whoever mentioned that invoices cannot be a little quirky is wrong. Having a brand that works as well as plays, it is significant to have a look at this given simple, yet fun invoice design that adopts the features of a notebook.

This simple design by Dimitar Stojanov possesses a paper-like face as well as feels that issue an impression similar to a torn right from the personal notebook. Thus, by breaking it down the design is considered as relatively simple, however with simply added elements such as the ruled margins/lines, as well as the coloured paper that transforms it from an everyday invoice to the fun and memorable invoice.

8. Front and center

Most invoices appear to be left and right-aligned; however, you could try a different element such as opting for a centre alignment. Hence, creating a balanced as well as a sophisticated design.

You can also use colors intentionally by stressing on the most significant information. This includes the brand’s name, as well as the total sum, which can be highlighted in the trademark red colour. With a little touch, you can also tip it off with a simple, as well as delicate borders and patterned envelopes to make a match; thereby portraying sophistication, balance as well as function.


9. Get adventurous with colours

This particular technique is desired by the faint-hearted individuals. However, it is certain to make consumers notice as well as remember your company’s design. The fundamental of this particular design is to keep it simple with simple lines, typing, as well as broad margins with some elegant white spaces or yellow spaces. This exclusive design gives out a branded flair as well as uniqueness that appears to rival with every other page on your desktop.

10. Opt to keep your colours simple too

Switching up the paper colours also gives your invoice a stylish and a unique effect. A subtle off-white toning of the paper can give your design a little bit extra of style and sophistication. Thus, this invoice design is equally beautiful by adding a classy font face with wide margins, a bronze foiled company logo as well as a simple navigable layout. At the end of the day, you shall achieve creating an elegant, sophisticated as well as a stylish invoice rather than printing the standard white document.

11. Small colour palettes with significant results

Considering colour palettes, you can employ small colour schemes consisting of three cool tones and thus creating a clean as well as a professional and sharp design. Using the three colours in creating an intense block of colours plus lines with plenty white spaces and simple typography, the resulting design maintains its sophistication in addition to being clean and bright.

As you pick your colour palettes, it is important to keep it simple. Choosing too many colouring that fails to complement each other is a simple means to turn the design from chic to cheap.

12. Create bold lines

Considering that you will use some lines in dividing information within your invoice, you can decide to hide these lines. You can achieve this by making the lines fainted making them appear as the focal points of the bill. As such, you can engage the simple outside borderlines to grid-like headers that divide the information from the logo to the right down the clean and straightforward table. The outcome will be an organised as well as a functional invoice document that looks exquisite, for instance, Luke O’Brien’s invoice design.


13. Get graphics

If you are not a fan of minimalism, you can bring little less white spaces to the table with whole lots of character. Running bold, geometric as well as colourful graphics by the sides of your invoice guarantees your document a stand out to the project to a brand’s voice of fun, excitement as well as confidence. It is also important to maintain the tailoring with as such of your company’s branding as you like.

14. Go vintage

You can bring back some old global charm within your custom design by introducing added texture as well as warm tones for the distinct look. It is easy as well as simple to go overboard with the texture. Therefore, you can pick you battles earlier on in addition to deciding where you would want to texture and where you would not.

Once you have decided on the right places for your texture, you must also consider pairing it with a warm, muted color similar to the ones used.

So stop using boring word and excels to create your invoice. Use this awesome HTML invoice template and get paid fast as well as in style.

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