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PDF Password Recovery – How to Recover Encrypted PDF Files Password Successfully

Have you ever downloaded a PDF (Portable Document Format) file from the Internet and hope to read it, but then finally when you open it, you only find that it is password protected! That situation is just like an accident that appears all of a sudden! Nobody wants to read a PDF file that is encrypted. A PDF file that is password protected is useless. Also, if the password of your PDF file is gone, that is not kind of help.

Therefore, if you are able to recover lost password of PDF files, then it will be great for you to continue reading the PDF archive! In this article, we are going to discuss how to open password protected PDF files for you. Moreover, if you have any further creative ideas, welcome to share them with us.

We find that there are lots of PDF password recovery tools, but we have no time to try them one by one. We only try 2 of them. One is SmartKey PDF Password Recovery, and the other is Tenorshare PDF Password Recovery. Both of these PDF password recovery programs are nice and cool. You can choose one according to your choice.

Method 1: Recover Lost PDF Password with SmartKey PDF Password Recovery

This pdf password recovery (http://www.recoverlostpassword.com/products/pdfpasswordrecovery.html) software is able to unlock your locked PDF files password instantly. It is also easy to use. Just download and install it your Windows based computer. Then open the icon of this tool, you will see the main user interface. Just insert your encrypted PDF file and then choose a password attack type to decrypt your PDF file. It is fast and simple. You will only take less than 10 minutes to recover PDF password during the whole process.


Method 2: Recover PDF File Password with Tenorshare PDF Password Recovery

The guide of Tenorshare PDF password recovery tool is almost the same. You can visit their official website to know more information about it. Except this, Tenorshare also provide other PDF tools, such as PDF converter, All to PDF, PDF to Word, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, etc. Therefore, you can also choose this software and you may have more options while using it.


That’s all about the discussion about how to recover password of encrypted PDF files. Hope it helpful to you. :D

How to Convert PDF Files to Word Documents

Why convert PDF files to Word documents?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a kind of text format that is developed by Adobe Inc. This biggest advantage of this text format is the small size, convenient for reading and easy to spread and use online. Therefore this format is usually used as the format of product specifications, such as e-book. However, PDF files can’t be edited directly because the decodable format of PDF is different from the decodable format of Doc, so does the carriage return, the line break and picture format. Thus, if you would like to edit or for further actions, you have better convert PDF files to Word documents.

How to convert files of PDF to Word documents?

Generally speaking, when you get a PDF file through any channels, there are two possibilities – a normal PDF file that is easy to open and an encrypted PDF file that password protected. To convert the former PDF file to Word document is quite simple, but to convert the latter PDF file to Word document is a little complex, you have to remove the password first and then to convert it.

Part 1: How to convert normal PDF files to Word documents?

To convert PDF to Word, the frequently-used way is to make use of a third party PDF converter. Here I list three of them for you as below:

PDF Converter 1: Google Documents

Google Documents is a free application developed by Google. It’s not only an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office, but also a good PDF converter. It’s easy to export PDF to Word with Google Documents. Log into Google Account (make sure you have signed up one) > upload your PDF file > click File in the Menu bar and choose Download as > choose Word as the output file format. Google Documents have updated for several times and the interface may be a bit different from below.


PDF Converter 2: PDF Online

PDF Online is a free and powerful PDF online tools collection website. It contains many practical functions. You just have to click the Brower button and upload your PDF file to its online converter interface and then click the Convert button and then it will convert PDF to Word for you.


PDF Converter 3: Advanced PDF Converter 6.0

Advanced PDF Converter is a comprehensive PDF conversion tool which helps you batch convert PDF files to editable Words, or convert Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel Spreadsheets to PDF files at one time. The original contents including formatting, layout and graphics are exactly retained in the converted PDF files and Office documents. Batch conversion and partial conversion are supported, which make your conversion more efficient.


Part 2: How to convert encrypted PDF files to Word documents?

If the PDF file you get is no password created, you can directly follow part one to convert it to a Word document. Nevertheless, sometimes you are not so lucky to meet a normal PDF file. If the PDF file you get is password protected, you have to remove the password in order to convert PDF to Word. How to remove PDF password? You can use a PDF password recovery tool to help you.

Step 1: Download and install PDF Password Recovery

You can download a PDF password recovery tool online. Such as SmartKey PDF Password Recovery or Advanced PDF Password Remover. And then insert your encrypted PDF file into the tool.


Step 2: Select PDF password attack type

Usually there are three PDF password attack types in the tool – Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. You can choose one of them and then click Start button to begin recovery.

Step 3: Remove or recover PDF password

After that you can remove the PDF password forever or recover the password and then open the password protected PDF file and then remove the password or convert it to Word document.

Step 4: Convert PDF to Word with PDF Converter

After the above three steps, you have decrypted the PDF file. Now you are able to convert your PDF files to Word documents with the listed PDF converter in part one.

All in all, perhaps the listed PDF converters are not so comprehensive but I have tried my best to share the better in my eyes; perhaps you know another PDF converter that is better than the mentioned here but there are few people know it. In that case, if you have a good idea about how to convert PDF files to Word documents, welcome to leave a comment and share it with me.